Finding The Best Vet

If you live in the Augusta GA area and you have a cat, dog, or other furry friend and you are looking for a veterinarian with highly qualified services, you would not be alone in this endeavor. Many people are looking long and far throughout the area for the most highly qualified animal clinic or animal hospital they can call home for their pet care needs.

First things first though. You probably should have some background information on how to find the best veterinarian. Lets start at the beginning as in why do you want a new veterinarian to start with? Well for starters you may have just moved from a new city. Obviously if you move your furry family member will be coming along for the trip. You may have had a great vet in the city you came from and decided lets keep this trend going in our new homeland.

Or in a sadder circumstance, you may not be moving any where. You may already have a vet and decide that you are unhappy with the level of care your pet has gotten. So it’s time to pick out a better choice in the town you are in.

What are the things to take into consideration when looking into your veterinary selection? Start out by calling and asking questions about the animal clinic’s staff, facilities, and capabilities. Make an appointment to come in and walk around the potential provider’s building.

Be sure to note on the cleanliness of the place, how many vets they have on staff, and what their standard operating procedures are for care of the animals. Also be sure to ask about emergency procedures. If you have any lingering questions, be sure to ask! Don’t be shy to speak up and get the info that will help you make a smart decision about your pet. Veterinarians appreciate an active pet owner and see them as a joy to work with. Get an understanding with your vet early and it will make the care your pet gets that much better for as long as you take them there.

Other questions you can ask are as follows:

  • Do you have a standard list of prices for care?
  • Do you offer overnight care services for animals?
  • What are your referral procedures in case of a medical situation requiring a pet specialist?
  • Do you have licensing information, if any, on your veterinary technicians?
  • What pain management procedures do you employ for a pet?
  • What sort of equipment is available and used at this practice?
  • What are your standards for anesthesia and surgical procedures on pets here?
  • What accreditations does this office/clinic/hospital have?

As you can see there are plenty of things that can come up in the course of finding the perfect care provider for your pet. You may even have other questions that spring to mind as a result of reading so far or because of special needs your pet may have.

For example my dog gets yeast infections regularly so I ask my veterinarian about medications, allergies, and feeding in particular because of the special needs of my pet. Think about any chronic or lingering conditions your dog, cat, or other pet may have. This will be helpful when you are preparing your list and also help you determine faster if this particular provider can meet your criteria for the ideal vet for your animal.

Another thing to think about is location. You obviously want a vet that is close enough to drive to, especially in the case of an emergency. That being said, don’t be scared to drive a little further across town if it means better care for your pet. The extra miles will be worth the quality of the experience and peace of mind you get from knowing your pet is well taken care of!

Although it can be a challenge when you are looking for a new vet, being armed with the right information makes it a much easier experience. If you are looking for an Augusta GA veterinarian then we recommend

As noted in the video you can also find out a good deal about the best vets in your area by asking family or friends and by looking over the web sites of various providers. Don’t forget to ask pet owners any time you swing by the local dog park to give Fido some exercise.

These tips will save you a lot of time and headache when it comes to finding your pet’s next doctor. When you give your pet the love, care, and attention they need they really appreciate it. It not only makes them happier and healthier but their increased vitality and energy makes you a happier pet owner. And that’s what it’s all about!